Config: Server

For server config, you have to change the following parameters in configs/server.js:

Parameter Description Example value
serverPort The port number of your application. [4000]
sparqlEndpoint The specification of your SPARQL endpoint. Endpoints are defined per dataset. Therefore, you need to specify your intended graph name within your SPARQL endpoint too. If you aim to use all graphs, you should set the value of graphName to 'default'. If no endpoint is found for your dataset, the config for 'generic' will be used. At the moment only endpoint types 'cliopatria', 'virtuoso' , 'graphdb', 'sesame', 'blazegraph' and 'stardog' are supported. Use 'endpointType' parameter to specify the endpoint type (default is set to 'virtuoso'). If you want to enable reasoning on your triple store, set 'useReasoning' parameter to '1'. You can also use 'username' and 'password' attributes if your endpoint needs HTTP authentication. '': { host: '', port: 80, path: '/sparql', endpointType: 'virtuoso', graphName: 'default', useReasoning: 0, protocol: 'http' }
dbpediaLookupService Address of your DBpedia lookup service. { host: '' }
dbpediaSpotlightService Address of your DBpedia Spotlight service. { host: '', port: 80, path: '/en/annotate' }

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