LD-R follows the best practices for single directional data flow proposed by Flux architecture:

ld-reactor data flow

LD-R consists of 4 main component layers:

1 Dataset
This layer handles events dealing with a set of resources. The unit of action here is a named graph.
2 Resource
This layer handles events related to a resource (i.e. anything we would like to describe). Resource URI is used here for identifying the resource.
3 Property
This layer handles events related to properties of a given resource. It can deal with either an individual property or aggregate properties (i.e. combining two or more properties).
4 Value (Object)
This layer handles the value(s) of a given property from a given resource. It can be either applied to each individual value of a property or on an aggregate basis to the whole values of a property (e.g. in case of a Map or Chart). There are three modes for values: view, edit and browse. Dispatcher components in this layer ac as a hub for connecting new components to our platform, by selecting the right component to view, edit or browse property value(s).
ld-reactor architecture

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